The thadavu murai is classified into two main parts, they are

  1. Podhu thadaval  murai
  2. Uzhl thadaval murai

The podhu thadaval  murai methods do proper  alignment of  the  nerves, blood vessels, bones and muscles. With the help of medicated oils we should do the techniques. After that we have to realign the sara ottam and jeeva ottam in all varma points. By this we can give good health to the patient.
After doing this, we should check whether the patient needs uzhlthadaval murai or not. If it is needed we have to align and stimulate the tissues and internal organs.
In the first three days of treatment we should only do podhu thadaval methods, then in the 4th and 5th day podhu thadaval  is done followed by uzhlthadaval .
Usually the treatment takes seven days. In the 6th and 7th day we should only do podhu thadaval.
At the end of the thadaval murai in all the days of the treatment,  we have to  give otradam, after that the patient should take hot water bath. After that the patient should take chukku kanji. The patient may take their food after an hour of these treatment methods. During the treatment days the patient must avoid sleep in the day time.
According to the patients health condition we have to give medicnes such as Karungozhi decoction, karungozhi nei or vellattu nei.
The patient should follow the following food restrictions after the thadaval  murai. Chicken,urid dhal, small gram and tamarind during the treatment days. Because it may lower the effects of the treatment.
The patient should take 3 months rest after the treatment. Importantly he/she should not have sexual contact and severe exercises during the rest periods.

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