About US


Heal the World through Varmaniam.


To accomplish a healthy society through teaching, diagnosis and medicine.

Quality Policy

Dedication, Sincerity and Service to accomplish 100 percent satisfaction among the beneficiaries.


The Varmaniam.org aims at providing the services of Varmaniam foundations in an online mode. This will help the people from all parts of the world to get access to the Foundation at 24/7/365.

Our Enriched Features

Literatures – Providing reliable information to all learners of Siddha Medicine and people interested in knowing the basics behind the Varmaniam.
Varmaniam Institute – Delivering the Course to learn about Varmaniam
Varmaniam Clinic – Delivering World Class Inpatient Ward to treat Patients with Chronic health issues.
Doctor’s Room – Delivering separate space for Doctors to discuss about various cases and queries related to critical cases.

Online consultation – Providing access to online chat with our Doctors at any time for consultation.